Jean Luc Cornille has gained worldwide recognition by applying practical science to the training of the equine athlete. Influenced by his background as a gymnast, Jean Luc deeply understands how equine training can be enhanced by contemporary scientific research. A unique combination of riding skill, training experience and extensive knowledge of the equine physiology enables Jean Luc to "translate" scientific insights into a language comprehensible to both horse and rider. This approach has been the trademark of his training. Jean Luc's competitive career is as distinguished as it is diversified.  Competing at national and international levels in dressage, steeplechase, stadium jumping and three day events, he won extensively in all specialties. His work has concentrated on applying the latest biomechanical research to redefine traditional approaches to equine training. It was here that Jean Luc also discovered a strong connection to the rehabilitation of lame horses. He has successfully rehabilitated such severe disabilities as navicular syndrome, contracted tendons, degenerative joint disease, and upward fixation of the patella, as well as cases of obscure and idiopathic lameness.  As a result, our training under Jean Luc has been invaluable --providing an incredible insight into the biomechanics of horse and rider and much more!   

Over the past 25 years, I have helped people of all ages learn to ride, train and care for their horses. From colt starting to trailer loading to equine care and nutrition, there is no concern that is too big or too small.  The techniques I teach make sense to the horse and help to keep the rider safe and the relationship enjoyable.  I use holistic horse care practices.   

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TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL  The Science of Motion  I am a student of  Jean Luc Cornille and as such, I am now able to offer a deeper level of understanding by combining my horsemanship training methods together with Jean Luc Cornille's Science of Motion theories.   For more information  ​Click here to go to Jean Luc's website.​​