My saddle, custom built for me by Kent Frecker from Dillon, Montana-- July, 2014.  This work of art fits my horse like a glove and is the most comfortable saddle I've ever experienced. Thank you Mr. Frecker!


Excellence in Horse Care

Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some very knowledgable people in the horse world. These are people that have developed exceptional equine care and training expertise.  A healthy horse inside and out is critical to a positive relationship. Maintaining a healthy horse requires your commitment to consistency and excellence.  Providing natural hoof care, regular dentistry, quality feed and freedom of movement while keeping up to date with the latest information in the industry--will help you to enhance the comfort of your horse and his ability to be a sound companion.  

Horse owners with the best of intentions and years of experience can be ill informed. Techniques that were the status quo 25 years ago may no longer be the best practices.  I urge you to keep an open mind, and to try to keep life as natural as possible for your horse.  It is my goal to provide additional information on Natural Horse Care so keep checking back to this section. In the meantime, please visit the sites of Natural Horse Care and Natural Horsemanship professionals that I admire for more information.

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